Ten years later…

As the plane began its descent I looked through the window at the tiny shimmering vessels that pulsated through the heart of the city where mine beated for the first time.┬áBefore I could decipher which emotion I am feeling tears … Continue reading

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air– Thai Islands.

Northern Thailand had me under its spell. I found it so hard to leave. But I’ve been longing for the islands. So I parted ways with my Pai family and took three buses heading down south. I knew I had … Continue reading

I hope you live a life that you’re proud of.

Life is so beautiful. This world is so beautiful. There’s so much to do. So much to see. And we’re so young. What a waste life would be if we didn’t follow our hearts and do whatever makes us happy? What a waste life would be if we didn’t even feel alive, or risk anything because of our fears, or didn’t see the world we live in?

Whoever is reading this, I hope you follow your bliss. I hope you follow your goosebumps. I hope you follow your wanderlust. I hope you follow your dreams. Even if that means not having a degree to frame onto your wall, or a steady fat paycheck, or a nice big house, or pretty expensive things. Because when you’re on your deathbed you’re not going to think about the degrees you acquired, and how much money made and spent. You’re going to think about the people you love, all the beautiful places you went to, and your dreams that came alive.

Gain the courage to follow whatever makes you feel the most alive and never stop chasing your dreams.

I hope you live a life that you’re proud of.

Life of Pai

To that town I fell in love with, that sits nestled in the mountains, where I found a home within the huts sitting on a rice field… Where I sat on the swing by the stream and meditated each day… … Continue reading

A long lost letter, from your innate creative soul.

“Let yourself go. Shake off inhibition and fear, and be yourself. Learn to think and act naturally, spontaneously; harmony and symmetry will enter your life, and you will discover your inherent talent. Thus he discovers his talent. It may be … Continue reading

Costa Rica: Part One

Costa Rica: Part One

“Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien I love airplanes. I love peering out the window and all I see are blankets of cotton candy clouds. I love the notion that I am floating somewhere in the sky. … Continue reading

Felt the need t…

Felt the need to write this before I sleep tonight.

There will be a time when all of you will realize that a brand of car/clothing/purse is not proportional to your value as a human being. When you will look at the innate beauty of the human soul as opposed to limiting them through their physical imperfections. When you eat to live, not live to eat. When you get off your fucking couch and stop watching the senseless bullshit that corporate media has been feeding your mind since childhood. When you realize that you need to stop believing everything the government says, and educate yourself on what is real and what is just. When you realize that romantic love is a speck of dust compared to what infinite compassionate universal love is. When you travel and begin to realize that yes you have been selfish and spoiled rotten, and you need to help the ones who need it. Mankind has fucked up, and humanity needs to fix it. Call it wishful thinking, mumble that it’s impossible, whatever. I will always believe in humanity and the power of the human spirit.